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Drug Engine Pharma

Your fit-for-purpose solution partner.

What is DEP?
A fit-for-purpose drug development organization dedicated to your unique project's needs.


Drug Engine Pharma (DEP) will customize a CMC strategy, handpick service partners to create the ideal outsourcing solution for your project, and then manage the movement of your molecule towards your milestones.

True to our name, we act like a well-oiled machine that keeps the critical aspects of your CMC moving in the right direction. Each partner in our system works together to ensure the most efficient timeline and quality. 

Who is Drug Engine Pharma's typical client?


An innovator whose compound is a...

  • small molecule (normal potency, high potency, and/or controlled substance)

  • biologic


An innovator who has challenges with ...

  • Budgeting

  • Timeline

  • CMC management

  • Quality

  • Analytical development

  • Unexpected changes that you and your service partner might encounter


Why Work With Us?


We employ the following to meet your needs:


We develop a CMC strategy that considers critical factors in accelerating timelines and reducing costs with expert advice from our highly qualified team that has years of drug development experience.


The 5-Pillar Model System aims to create the best fit-for-purpose CDMO for your unique project.  This system focuses on vetting service vendors on their people, processes, infrastructure, technology, and logistics.


We ensure timely delivery by effectively managing your project across the selected service partners. We transparently communicate between you and the service partners, as we will be the single point of contact.

The DEP Way

Drug Engine Pharma’s streamlined process and collaborative approach allow direct communication among the vendors working on your project. Being the central figure representing you and coordinating with all parties involved, DEP helps you save time, money, and energy that innovators such as biotechs and small, medium, and large pharma often waste when working with multiple vendors.

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Know our key differences

What sets Drug Engine Pharma from the rest is its direct relationship with the service providers that you want to work with. From here, true collaboration occurs to help you achieve your drug development milestones faster and more efficiently.

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